Utah Municipal Power Agency (UMPA) is a consumer owned corporation, established in 1980 with a mission to: “Develop a reliable and economic power supply program to meet all the required electric power and energy needs of its member municipalities” That is exactly what UMPA has done.  UMPA’s current member municipalities are: Levan, Manti, Nephi, Provo, Salem and Spanish Fork. 

UMPA is a Joint Action Agency whose services include: power supply, control area support, scheduling, financing, energy load forecasting, transmission services, legislative and regulatory action, demand-side management, engineering, and legal assistance.

The Agency is governed by a six member Board of Directors, consisting of the Mayor or Council Member of each of the member cities. In addition, a Technical Committee, consisting the Energy Director from each of the member cities, provides technical studies, recommendations and detailed analysis to assist the Board of Directors.

  1. To develop a reliable and economical power supply program to meet the electric power and energy needs as required by the members and their customers.
  2. To provide the benefits of economies of scale through joint endeavors relating to generation, transmission and distribution of electric power and energy.
  3. To involve each member in the planning, operating and developing stages undertaken by the Agency.
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