Annual Member Conference 2017

To download the entire packet for the 2017 Annual Member Conference this year, use the following link:

Annual Member Conference 2017 Full Document (13.1Mb)

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Otherwise, we have provided the following links for the individual presentations:


0.    Disclaimer (126k)

1.    Agenda – UMPA 2017 Member Conference (490k)

2.    Glossary of Electrical and Rate Making Terms (43k)

3.    2017 Utah Legislative Session & Other Issues – R. Tew, ULCT (2.5Mb)

4.    Electricity 101 – T. Ball, Provo City Energy (1.8Mb)

5.    The Anatomy of High Trust Relationships – Dr. Hank R. Smith (81k)

6.    Federal Legislative Issues – D. Waterhouse, APPA (80k)

7.    UAMPS Carbon Free Project – D. Hunter, UAMPS (1.5Mb)

8.   West Valley Plant – J. Blevins, NAES (920k)

9.    Provo Power Plant – K. Green & J. Soares, BYU (3.5Mb)

10.    Existing Resources & Transmission – S. Lynsky, UMPA (1.4Mb)

11.    UMPA’s Avoided Cost Study – D. Gruenemeyer, Sawvel & Associates (781k)

12.    Future Power Supply – K. Garlick, UMPA (2.1Mb)


    *Map to Zermatt Demonstration Trailer (238k)


You can download the 2016 Annual and Financial Report right here as well:

2016 Annual Report
2016 Annual Report
2016 Financial Report
2016 Financial Report