Insulation Tips
Insulation Tips

The most important areas in your home to insulate are the attic, floors and walls. Here’s what you’ll need to know to get the job done:

• Do you need more insulation? As a rule, if you have less than three inches of existing insulation in the attic, you should probably add more to achieve proper levels. If none exists in the floors or walls, insulation is recommended.

• Decide whether you want to do the insulation work yourself or hire a contractor. Take into consideration that some insulation jobs are easier than others.

• If you do the job yourself, follow installation instructions carefully and adhere to proper safety precautions.

• If you’d like a contractor to do the work, make sure you get several bids. Only hire a licensed, bonded contractor.

• Decide what type of insulation you need (this will depend on the area you are insulating).

• When purchasing insulation, check the R-value. This indicates the effectiveness of insulation, the higher the number the higher the insulating capability. You can ask a knowledgeable salesperson to help determine the R-value of insulation you need.