Laundry Room

Laundry Room Tips
Laundry Room Tips

Clothes Washer

• Wash with warm or cold water rather than hot. Rinse all loads with cold water

• Run full loads. Reduce the water level setting for small loads.

• Purchase energy efficient washers that use less water and less electricity

Clothes Dryer

• Hang clothes outside when it is sunny.

• Clean the lint filter after every load.

• Run separate loads for fast and slow-drying clothes.

• Load the dryer as full as possible without overloading. Overloading a dryer will cause the dryer to run longer.

• Use energy efficient dryers and ones that contain moister sensors that will shut the dryer off when the clothes are dry.

• During warmer days run the dryer during the cooler hours to avoid heating the house, requiring more cooling.

• Clean the outside exhaust event, the exhaust hose, and the dryer connection every three months allowing better airflow.