Refrigerator and Freezer Tips
Refrigerator and Freezer Tips

• Keep condenser coils clean and unobstructed for maximum energy savings.

• Locate your refrigerator or freezer away from heating equipment, heater vents and direct sunlight. Provide adequate clearance above, behind and on the sides for good air circulation.

• Set the temperature of your refrigerator between 37@F and 40@F and your freezer at 0@F for top efficiency. The Food and Drug Administration also recommends these settings to prevent rapid bacterial growth.

• Clean door gaskets with warm water or a detergent that leaves no residue since a tight-sealing door gasket is critical to the efficiency of your refrigerator.

• Keep your refrigerator or freezer full, but do not overload it. Overloading causes the compressor to have to run longer. Place foods slightly apart on shelves, making sure they do not block the unites interior air vents.

• If you have a second older freezer that only has a little food in it, use the newer freezer and turn the old one off.

• Cover all liquids stored in the refrigerator. Moisture can be drawn into the air, making the unit work harder.