Levan, Utah - City Location

Levan Town is a member of Utah Municipal Power Agency.

Mayor: Corey Christensen

Population: 852

Location: 94 miles south of Salt Lake city

Council Members:

  • Clifford Christensen
  • Ray Evans
  • Brett Hone
  • Bruce Rowley

Levan owns and operates it’s own electrical system, water system, natural gas system, and cable T.V. Levan has two hydro electric plants.

For more information about Levan, visit their city page.

Levan Town





Levan Town Statistics

Number of Customers330
Energy Consumption (kWh)4,994,456
Peak Demand (kW)1,205
Peak Date:July 3, 2015 @ 1800 hrs.
Energy Growth Rate(1.06)%
Capacity Growth Rate(3.21)%